Zeitouna’s film, Refusing to be Enemies provides concrete ways for people to help make peace a reality in their lives and communities through education and dialogue.

“We believe this documentary film  is perhaps the best authentic example of how sustainable peace begins – it models for viewers just  how to be part of that change”

Libby and Len Traubman San Mateo, Ca. March 2007 (Co-founders of the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue Group, founded 1992)

       “My heart has been opened to those who scare me. Zeitouna has helped me appreciate their suffering and recognize their innate goodness.

Jewish Zeitouna sister, Irene

“It is only through Zeitouna that I am able to hear the voice of the “other”- her pain and her joy realizing that it mirrors my  own”

Palestinian Zeitouna sister, Wadad

“Zeitouna is an effort by some people to approach what to the rest of the world appears to be an intractable problem. What Zeitouna has done is teach us that there are first steps. The first steps don’t solve the problem but they keep people in action. Once people are in motion they provide a model for others.”

Dick Soble, Ann Arbor Attorney