“In dialogue we don’t debate. It’s not my views versus yours--it’s my version and yours… Living separately and ignorantly traps us all in fear, hateful behavior, and moral rot. I’ve heard too many arguments. But I grow more hopeful learning together with women who are now my friends.”
--a Zeitouna member

about dialogue

definition of dialogue

From the Greek dia and logos, translated as “through meaning.” Outcome: a stream of meaning flowing through a group that enables members to create new understandings and shared meaning.

the power of dialogue

  • A fuller, more integrated picture of reality (overcoming the fragments of separate parts)
  • All perspectives, not just one or some at the expense of others
  • Not about winning, but about collaboration and synthesis of all viewpoints
  • Slowed down and open-ended conversation not driven by necessary outcomes
  • Basis for a culture of cooperation and shared leadership
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