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April, 2024: Zeitouna was featured on CBS Evening News. Watch now

May, 2024: CBS aired a longer version of their feature about Zeitouna. Watch now

Note on the May CBS story: We appreciate the time and effort put into producing this segment by Lisa Ling, Sarah Svoboda (producer) and CBS’s Chicago-based film crew.  However it should be noted that our group was filmed in February 2024 and the external context has changed considerably in the past few months. We fully support the students’ rights to engage in free speech and protest, and we do not want what we have chosen to do within Zeitouna to be construed as being in opposition to or critical of their efforts. We all must do everything we are able to bring about the end to the suffering.

In our time of such worldwide division, the women of Zeitouna in Ann Arbor, Michigan stand out as a model for working across the divide. Now celebrating twenty years together, this group of Palestinian and Jewish women is spreading its message of the power of relationships to create meaningful change. They are making a sequel to their first film, in the hope of showing how Dialogue makes difficult conversations possible.

A message about the current crises in Israel/Palestine.

We are heartbroken at the violence in Israel/Palestine. We continue to meet and to support one another during this time of grief. Current and past Zeitouna members are speaking out for peace and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza by organizing events within our communities, protesting, advocating, lobbying our elected representatives, and donating to organizations that provide aid and promote peace and justice.

Here is a list of organizations that urgently need funds to provide help on the ground in both Israel and Palestine. 


We advocate for justice and peace in Israel/Palestine. The relationships we have developed within our group, using Dialogue, inform our community outreach and allow us to model empathy and understanding. 

“My heart has been opened to those who scare me. Zeitouna has helped me appreciate their suffering and recognize their innate goodness.

Jewish Zeitouna sister, Irene

“It is only through Zeitouna that I am able to hear the voice of the “other”- her pain and her joy realizing that it mirrors my  own”

Palestinian Zeitouna sister, Wadad

“Zeitouna is an effort by some people to approach what to the rest of the world appears to be an intractable problem. What Zeitouna has done is teach us that there are first steps. The first steps don’t solve the problem but they keep people in motion. Once people are in motion they provide a model for others.”

Dick Soble, Ann Arbor Attorney

View the first film here.