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How long is Refusing to be Enemies?  
The film runs 58 minutes. It was intentionally this length to suit a classroom setting leaving some time afterwards for discussion.

What format is available for screenings? 
Available for streaming from this website or to purchase a DVD contact us at moc.l1720906477iamg@1720906477seime1720906477neebo1720906477tgnis1720906477ufer1720906477

Is there discussion guide to accompany the movie?  
Refusing to Be Enemies has worked with a variety of experts—secondary school teachers, university professors and professional dialogue facilitators—to develop a comprehensive companion guide for the movie. Different sections serve different audiences. The guide is currently undergoing revision, please contact us at moc.l1720906477iamg@1720906477seime1720906477neebo1720906477tgnis1720906477ufer1720906477 if you would like an up to date copy.

Is Refusing to be Enemies appropriate for children? 
Although the movie was not intended for young audiences, it has been seen by families, young children have gotten the message that “those women thought they couldn’t like each other but they got to be friends anyway.”  On another note, for some adults the film’s content has brought up deep emotions about childhood abandonment, abuse and other traumas. We suggest that some thought be given to this possibility when hosting a screening.

What do you recommend as a program to follow the screening? 
In our experience, the audience needs some silence after the film and at least 5 -10 minutes to digest and personally debrief with those sitting adjacent before jumping in to the Q and A or panel discussion.  Providing the audience with some opportunity to speak out is important.  People want to share their feelings and many want to take action. Break-out groups can be effective if space allows. Ideally audiences appreciate having the filmmaker or members of Zeitouna present for questions.

Would it be possible for the filmmaker or members of Zeitouna to attend our screening and is there a cost?
Yes. Please email us your request with your contact information and we will call you back to discuss honorarium. and travel expenses. Our email address is moc.l1720906477iamg@1720906477seime1720906477neebo1720906477tgnis1720906477ufer1720906477.